Nork Shadow Signage: Guest Breasts

Nork Shadow Signage

Kizzi 🍒🍥🦄

Nork shadow signage shows Kizzi's breast with a hand shadow falling across it.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kizzi who is back to share more of her gorgeous self. This time with Nork Shadow Signage. Today I learnt that Nork is another word for breast – in Australian slang. So, thank you to Kizzi for sharing her breasts, and also for teaching me a new word.

Would you like to share your chest or breasts for #BoobDay? If so check out the BoobDay main page for instructions on how to do this. When it comes to boobs, I’m an advocate for the more the merrier! Even if you don’t want to join in, go and check out all the gorgeousness and Guest Breasts here.

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