Elust 160 header image shows Anneke Van Buren sitting on the stairs in a glamorous dress.

Oh Yay! Elust 160 Is Here.

Elust 160 header image shows Anneke Van Buren sitting on stairs in a glamorous dress.
Image courtesy of Anneke Van Buren.

I can’t be the only one who gets really excited when the latest edition of Elust is released? With so many incredible writers around the sex writing world it is always a treat to have a variety of different writers to perv over and learn from. I’m really pleased that there is no more waiting for Elust 160!

Welcome to Elust 160

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust. Congratulations Tiger Lily Toys, winner of the Elust contest for March. I hope you enjoy your £50 GBP Bondara



Product reviews

Strap-On-Me P&G Spot Dildo Review Maybe it’s just where I’m at, at the moment, but this dildo has me thinking intently on where I could use it, and who with.

Review Of The Equestrian Leather Cat O’nine Tails Flogger By Liebe Seele I covet this Cat O’nine tails, and read the review with the scent of leather in mind.

Lonesome Dragon- Sex Swings If you’re looking for a high quality sex swing that (footstraps aside) would not look out of place in a funky living room, then this might just be what you seek!

Erotic Fiction

The Masked Stranger Being used (consensually) as a plaything by an unknown deviant force, bound and fucked… Yeah, I can get on board with this fantasy.

Bedroom Eyes 24 ““Three is powerful. You and me and him against the world: if that’s what it came to, I’d bet on us.” The relationship between Master and his two women develops over pizza, spanks and fucking!

Quickies: My Stepbrother Secretly Banged Me In The Basement A quickie for Kelli and Cris, and a quickie for me too.

Alone Now A tasty morsel to whet your appetite for the book “When Jerry met Ali”.

Game An interesting project from Mirror, Secret Mirror. Want a personalised sexy scenario? Then you simply mus go and play their game!

Writing about Writing

I’m Now Doing Kinky Comic Books! I remember Dirk Hooper from the nineties, and more recently back with his digital art. Iam so excited to see his latest project coming to fruition.

Erotic Non Fiction

Become A Queen For The Day In case you’re wondering I’m not always submissive. Not quite ready to accept I’m a s-witch yet, but there are times when top-me feels brave enough to come out and play. This is one of those times.

Gravity and Kitchens A beautiful insight into a world that is both ordinary and extraordinary.

Sissifying Sammie This line in particular stood out for me “Down the throat with a big thick dick then Sammie licked the head of the slick wet prick.” But there are so many hot snippets to get the juices flowing

A Medicinal Blow Job in Winslow, Arizona Better than the NHS website, check out jade’s advice for sore throats and bad necks.

Sex Work

Sissy Forced Bi at Facility X Dungeon When the scene instructions start with “no anal penetration by real swords” I know that this is going to be my kind of read. Add in that this is an Oz adventure and the ante gets upped considerably.

Kinky Girlfriend Experience The sexy Sandra drains her ‘Horny Boyfriend’ before sending him on his way, with over excited (repeatable) member tucked away in his pants.

A Wee Spanking in Scotland Even the best good girls need spanking!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

DIY Sex Dungeon- Turn Your Home Into an Adult Playground As a single mum I crave a home dungeon but am unable to have one. Using tips from this post I can tweak my vanilla bedroom into an undetectable sex palace. Winning!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

From Hand To Mouth And Beyond Do you like reading how other people navigate the natural changes in their relationships? I really loved reading how things have developed over the years for Caged Lion and Mrs Lion.

Elust Sex Blogs

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter O

Thank you for joining me for Elust 160. Click the button above for all of the Elust offerings and to take part next month. Or check out my archives for all the past posts I’ve shared.

Join me as I fly by the seat of my pants for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge 2023. You can find all of my posts for the month here. And you can also find previous years here. 2019 came first. I skipped 2020. 2021 was a full month of photography themed posts. And 2022 was a sparse collection of Q&A style writing, but there were plenty of boobs!.

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