Rope events give opportunity for learning ties, like gravity boots and futomomos.

Rope Events: Great For Stringing Up Friends

Rope events give opportunity for learning ties, like gravity boots and futomomos.

I miss rope events. Bunny and co. have set up a local rope munch. A space to throw rope at willing bunnies and socialise with like minded kinksters. Another group has set one up that’s a little further afield. Then there are the day trips, workshops at LAM, or SWAMP or other venues. Hives of activity and fountains of knowledge for your rope learning. And then there is 1001011’s peer rope, which is half way between a munch and a workshop. Low pressure learning with lots of social tying afterwards.

None of these currently work with my responsibilities as mum. However, while lamenting my lack of attendance at these events I love so much, thoughts of rope have returned. Front and centre. And, with the universe at my back, while scrolling through memories, I stumbled across the original of the header image.

This was taken at 1001011’s peer rope, late 2018. You may remember I’d attended previously. And I know I’ve shared a picture from this particular evening with Slave Lytton before.

Remembering that night, as I smiled through the photos, I could only chuckle.

I’d asked Slave Lytton if he would like to join me, be my bunny for the evening. He’d agreed but stated he’d be late due to work. As I was dropping the boys off it was unlikely I’d arrive before him. As it turned out we ended up parking at the same time, not far from each other. And when we walked in, we hadn’t missed anything other than time for a cuppa before group started and tying began.

The thing I love about peer rope events is that there is someone experienced, to support and guide, leading the group. In this case 1001011 and his bunny Aerial_Aiya were hosting. (Do you remember my ropey three-way-play?) And they were on hand with their information-rich hats on.

I’d wanted to try a gravity boot for partial suspension, and he (1001011) helped me set up the hard point as well as sharing how to position ropes safely on ankles. And so that’s where we started. Both of us grinning like Cheshire Cats, him at the ridiculousness of the situation (dangling from the ceiling by one ankle) and me because I’d achieved what I wanted.

After this we had a cup of tea – one joy of rope events is the volume of tea available.

His foot was still tied, but that didn’t matter. I’d put it to good use later, once we were both refreshed. And anyway, it was nice and comfortable.

Much more comfortable when used alone than when I tied his leg in a Futomomo too. He knew I would release him (safely) as soon as he asked, but he as happy to continue. I wanted to learn how to create a hanger for suspension from the Futomomo and, yet again, the support was there within the room. We did try a partial, but he was up there only briefly.

Pretty soon he was back on solid ground, ready for me to capture him on camera.

I loved the picture in its original state, but to preserve the privacy of the location all images taken there must maintain discretion for the room. So I’ve had a lot of fun working through edits and tweaks. I didn’t want to detract from the rope work, of which I am very proud. Especially considering this was taken after loading the Futomomo with a grown mans body.

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