Hale Thrusting Butt Plug: A Bestvibe Review

The Hale Thrusting butt plug from bestvibe is being stood in front of a sign saying "You are Tea-riffic"
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I love, love, love a good ass fucking. Like, really love it, a lot. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the receiving end of such interests. However, that’s been beyond my control so I’ve been waiting. And waiting. In the meantime I’ve been looking for exciting alternatives, ways to simulate being used and abused by a hard and horny lover. I worked through my butt plug collection but they lack the thrusting element that makes me feel hale and hearty. While I can achieve the thrust myself…

I’d rather be comfortable, especially if my desire is for a long, hard fuck. My arm gets tired, my back aches from the awkward position, and, even with my best efforts, the angle is never quite right. In my frustration different options felt further away than ever. But then the team at Bestvibe came to the rescue with their anal toy suggestion.

What butt plug did Bestvibe thrust upon me?

The Hale is a remote controlled butt plug, complete with three thrusting intensities and ten vibration patterns maybe, just maybe, this would satisfy my greedy rear end? If Bestvibe deliver on their promise to take my pleasure to a deeper level then I should be a happy lady, right?

But would the Hale live up to expectations? There’s only one way to find out!

I received it in the way I have come to expect. The postal bag was plain, no giveaway labelling with adult branding. Off to a great start, I opened the parcel and pulled out the box for the Hale vibrating butt plug with the all important thrust. Plain white, aside from a barcode in the bottom corner, there was nothing to give away the contents.

The butt plug packaging is a plain white box.

Inside the box, the simplicity continues. I pulled out a little white bag and a charging cable. Inside the bag was the plug and remote control. The Hale butt plug feels smooth in my hands, the thrusting section made up of gentle ridges rather than the deep folds I’d imagined. It was also weighty in my hands, like it would definitely hit the spots I need working over.

Out of the box - the Hale thrusting butt plug

Do check out the website for full specifications, but these are my thoughts on size, before play. Looking at it, out of the box, the length, totalling 12.5cm, might seem a little… much? But when you broken down into sections I feel it is beginner friendly and also offers progression to more experienced players. Or, it would have been beginner friendly for me, and offers me interest as a more seasoned anal lover. The tip, with its gentle taper, measures 11cm in girth, and the second bulb is 12cm around, so not much more of a stretch, though it looks much larger.

Preparing to play.

The remote control came with a 3V battery in place, just remove the tag and it’s ready to go. Once this battery is drained it’s easy enough to source a new one and replace. Just remember to recycle the old one as per your local services allow.

Charging the Hale thrusting butt plug

The plug itself comes with a magnetic charging port, and USB cable. The lights slowly flash on and off as the battery fills. Those same lights stay steady when it’s full. This takes 2.5hours, which feels like forever! But with juice enough for a full hour of play time I definitely shouldn’t be complaining.

Familiarising myself with the buttons was a quick job. They are the same on the remote as they are on the plug itself. One is a wiggly line, for the vibrations – three increasing intensities followed by seven patterns. The other controls the three speeds of thrust. To use the remote control you first need to wake up each motor by pressing the buttons on the base of the plug. A two second press, and the light behind the button will come on showing it’s awake.

Power and control buttons on both the plug and remote.

Getting down and dirty with the Hale thrusting and vibrating butt plug.

The time had finally come to get the ass fucking I craved, or at least try to satisfy that urge. I slicked the entire shaft with the Bestvibe water-based lube, squirted some up into my hole too, and prepared for take off. Bestvibe usually stock a water-based lube specifically for anal. This may provide a little more glide than the standard lube. Play around and find what works for you.

The head slid in easily enough. The first bulge of the silicone plug is gently tapered which makes for smooth insertion. The thrusting section in the middle sat quite nicely in the grip of my anus, so I kept it in place with my heel (sometimes it’s best not to ask) and started the motors. The vibrations relaxed me while the thrusting of the Hale worked the plug deeper into my butt. This worked for me very nicely indeed, though the second bulge is girthier than the tip, and once it had worked its way to the deepest point (with a little help from the aforementioned heel) I ramped it up to the most intense pleasure.

Laying on my back, my lower abdomen was pumping in time with my new sex toy.

The smooth silicone and the lube worked together to provide some excellent sensations. The thrusting gave a heady motion as it fucked me to oblivion. I worked through the vibrating patterns, testing them out for you. While I often find patterns to be a distraction at best and an orgasm block at worst, I’m pleased to say that the Hale plug from Bestvibe comes with patterns that confuse and delight my internal muscles. Possibly as a result of combining with the thrust, though if you prefer not to have both thrusting and vibrating, you can use them separately.

For me ass-gasms come from stretch rather than depth, so the Hale butt plug and it’s wonderful thrusting and vibrating motors wouldn’t quite hit my spot without a supporting act.. But, with knowledge of my body and what works for it, I was well prepared and pulled a wand out to join the party. With just a little, low intensity stimulation I was bucking in time to the thrusts, letting off steam. Later tests involved a vibrator and, separately, the angel wings dual stimulation toy, and these both worked well in tandem, melting my brain com-plete-ly.

After thrusting into my butt, the hale plug clean up begins.

It’s important to wash any sex toys before and after play but anal products often require a little more care and attention. Especially if they have ridges in the middle. Fortunately for me these ridges are not to deep or lined. Also, the Hale has a waterproof rating of IPX6, which means it’s resistant to high pressure jets of water. While it may be inadvisable to soak the plug, it’s easy to clean. Wipe any dirt off with tissue paper first. Then, using hot water, soap or anti bacterial cleaner, and a soft cloth, you’ve a fresh, clean butt plug ready to go in no time.

Of course, if you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty you can always use a condom over the plug. With Hale’s length changing the condom can feel a bit crinkly, and it has the potential to slide off with the thrusting motion being so effective. But if this allows you to enjoy a thrusting anal experience fully, without worrying about potential residue, then do what you need to do.

Final thoughts on Bestvibe’s Hale thrusting and vibrating butt plug.

The question I always ask myself, when reviewing a product is this: would I buy it? In the case of the Hale, I want to look back to the start of the review. I was looking for a thorough ass fucking, without a penis wielding warrior to take the reins. I needed to feel full and used, but entirely on my own terms. Without growing an extra few inches in my arms, or causing problems with my back. Did this vibrating, thrusting butt plug hit the spot? Yes, yes it most certainly did.

Hale works well as a stand alone toy, it partners beautifully with others and, when I’ve satisfied my carnal desires, it’s easy to clean up and put away. The only minor issue I have with it is the 2.5 hour charge time, but I think that’s only because I’m a greedy girl who wants what she wants, when she wants it! Even without the sale prices being available, this is a no brainer for me. And if you’re looking for a new way to explore anal, solo or partnered, then give Hale a chance!

Do you love the look of the Hale thrusting butt plug? Well, you can pick one up in the 60% off sale for $37.70. (Price correct at time of publishing). Take a look at the rest of the products available too, especially their butt plug selection.

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