Emirates Stadium. But Not Quite Arse ‘n All

Not quite arse n all, just exposing my breasts in front of the Emirates stadium

I’ve mentioned my brave adventures to London a few weeks back. Even shared a Scavenger Hunt post from that trip – a visit to a Micro Brewery. While I was in the area I took a wander around some new (to me) areas of my favourite (so far) city. Naturally I took note of opportunities for my hunt and a quick scan of Google Maps gave me an idea. I set off for the Emirates stadium, home of Arsenal football club. To stretch my legs and calm my nerves!

I don’t have a particular interest in Arsenal. Or any team for that matter. I will happily play sports but watching them leaves me cold. Except triathlon, have you seen the state they cross the line in? It makes masochistic-me very happy. Gives me life goals. Anyway, I digress…

The Emirates stadium is impressive.

I took in the sites from all around, completing the lap. I dare say, if I lived nearby this place would feature in my running on a semi-regular basis. While wandering round I kept an eye out for people and CCTV, as well as positions for capturing my boobs with a great backdrop. I did stop a few times, took snaps, sent them to SWL for discussion. We’d just about settled on one but I decided to give it one more try. We joked about how, were she with me, I’d have had no problem capturing the image I wanted, and would likely expose myself further… “Arse ‘n all”. However, one more little picture, after petting a passing pooch. It was definitely worth it, to capture the full Emirates Stadium signage. SWLs response was “Yesssssss” and after a quick mirror-flip edit, I was celebrating too.

The home of Arsenal Football Club has been immortalized on my blog.

Although… I’m not alone! Typing this up I went to see if any other scavengers had bagged a Stadium. Our Changing Views had, and what a sight for sore eyes! But look where Modesty is! The Scavenger Hunt Queen has been a lot braver than I, with almost exactly the same backdrop, some nine years later. Not really knowing anything about football, I thought the Emirates Stadium was a new build, if you know what I mean? It certainly looks shiny and new!

Boob Day

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Want to know what else I was up to in London? Stay tuned for the next Scavenger Hunt post.


  1. This is just amazing! I’ve been here a few times but it’s always been for corporate events which means I haven’t managed to brave it as a location…and it’s always had too many people milling around! Well done you!!

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