On Dirty Laundry And Washing It In Public

Exposing my breasts while doing my dirty laundry in public.

Sometimes there is no other option but to do your dirty laundry in public. Like when your washing machine dies and there is a mountain of school uniform, towels and bedding to get through. Shortly before Christmas (wonderful timing!) I ended up frequenting the launderette. I wasn’t sure if this was a Scavenger Hunt Location, so I took the picture anyway. Reaching out to Sub-Bee last week, to check if I could use it, they said that I should share it and, if it wasn’t already on the list then they would add it to the locations.

Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public!

This is something I was brought up with. Disagreements are fine, but arguing in public, likely while involving unrelated others in your dispute has always felt undignified for me. Perhaps if I had voiced my concerns more openly I may have seen P for what he was sooner. Or maybe he’d have been given more sympathy for having the ‘unhinged’ wife. (You know how the mind control aspect of abuse works?) But that doesn’t really require dissecting at the moment. This post s about airing boobs in public, while not doing the same thing with grievances.

I know, I know, I share a lot of stuff on this blog.

Things that might seem like I’m doing my dirty laundry in front of an audience. This, however, is my quiet space for picking apart the contents of my brain. Once I’ve separated the whites from the lingerie, the sports gear from the knitwear. Only then do I feel safe to hit the publish button. When I have clarity of thought around a subject, then maybe it could add value to another persons world. Perhaps that’s why, in my timeline of tales, I’m only up to October 2018?

What I do like is to share my laundered clothes.

Once I’ve dealt with the pain and scrubbed out the stains, then I’m ready to share. Not (often) as a rant-y, rage-y post, but instead as calm reflection. It’s how I try to be in my relationships, whether positive or negative. Not letting unpleasant folks know how deeply they’ve affected me, and not being abrasive with those who’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t always manage it, but fortunately I have friends who are kind enough to listen to my venting. And I am happy for them to offload to me too. It’s the give and take of friendship, I think. That we can do emotional laundry with each other?

It seems that todays post not only shows you my breasts in a new, public location. But it also highlights, for me, something I value. My discretion in dealing with the proverbial dirty laundry makes me feel proud. I’ve had lots of washing to do in the past, I’m not sure I’d be as happy now if my tangled brain mess had been splashed all over the walls.

Boob Day

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

February Photo Fest 2023

Thank you for joining me for February PhotoFest 2023. This is my fourth time joining the month long celebration of erotic and sensual photography. If you’re enjoying it please do go and check out the previous years: 2019 was an incomplete month. I skipped 2020 due to not blogging at the time but 2021 was a joy to plan and complete, in spite of lockdowns. 2022 was a little more relaxed behind the scenes, but jam packed with pictures and memories I love.


  1. Fantastic location, I’m always willing to add new locations but this is a really unusual one, I’ve not seen a laundrette anywhere near where I live, probably from lack of need (thankfully)! But I will now go off on a hunt!

    1. Be careful though, they are a really sociable place to visit. EVERYONE wants to talk to you in launderettes. It’s like the normal rules of society (keeping your self to yourself, head down, busy…) have been scrubbed out and rewritten in a much more sociable way!

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