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As we tick ever closer to the end of the year, ready to bid farewell to 2022, I wanted to have a look behind the scenes again. It hardly seems like yesterday that I was writing my top ten post for 2021, for the festive prompt over on Wicked Wednesday. While that prompt is long gone I felt the urge to return to the statistics again this year. It’s funny, reading through last years lists and looking through the top ten list for 2022 seems to be quite the contrast on what you’re enjoying.

Top ten list for 2022 and 2021

1Play With My PussyFriends Who Play Together
2Return Of Sluts BuddyBukkake Party Babes
3Threesome: The Clue Is In The NameRepresentation Of Beauty
4An Unconventional ValentineMilk Bath Goddess
5My New Strap OnRiding Rico
6Double Vaginal Penetration- Delicious DVPMy Comfort Zone
7Nipping Nippy NipplesImportant Writer
8Turning The TablesDouble Vaginal Penetration
9Chief Troublemaker Goes SoloAngles In The Extreme
10Cuckqueaned By A Sex DollYoga Bondage At Yellowmead

What caught my eye on these lists?

The first thing that leaps out at me is that in seventh place for 2021 is the photo that I sent to Charlie. She worked on it to create the artwork in my top-spot post for this year. Where I invited her to play with my pussy.

The second is that the only rope photo in my top ten list for 2022 is the post in eighth position. When I took 1001011 in hand and tied him up securely. We were only discussing this last week, when I got him back in my bindings one more.

I love that my two sex doll posts have made the top ten each year they’ve been published. Writing both of these posts was a joy, Rico being my first experience with a sex doll and also setting the wheels in motion for a fantasy that got me more excited than I ever expected. (My reality for cuckqueaning is that it’s a hard limit. But feeling out these sexy scenarios, with my words, has become a safe way to push my own boundaries.)

It’s also been an eye opener this year.

While Happy Humpday was selected for the Photographic category on Molly’s top 100 there is a distinct lack of rope pictures, or photographic posts, that have made my top ten. While it is true that I have only had one shoot this year, and my rope time has been sporadic, I don’t think this is the cause. I think you, my dear readers, are just more into filthy, dirty sex! (And don’t I love you all for it!) My most popular posts are definitely sex-act or body-part based. Fortunately for you all I have some fabulous tales to tell, some fantasies to share and plenty of other filth to fill your kinky boots with.

Another interesting statistic for 2022, away from my top ten list.

I’ve published fifty five less posts, and yet I’ve exceeded my site views from last year- in spite of being less than regular in my posting. I must admit to being a little curious how regularly sharing the contents of my head would affect the stats, but more than that I am curious how it would affect my confidence as a writer. Well, that’s that settled then… If regular posting isn’t a great goal for next year I don’t know what is!

Not forgetting 2022, what will be in my top ten list for 2023?

It’s not really up to me… However, I have plans afoot for my writing. I don’t like to set too many goals at New Years, so this will be brief…

This year I’ve made some headway sharing the story behind the blog. I’m still over four years behind, but there’s a quiet spell coming up in the story, and after an exciting Spring in my kinky world there’s a swathe of junk that can be brushed over, for safety’s sake. So I’ll bring you up to date significantly over the course of 2023. In 2022 the top ten list includes two posts, in third and sixth. Can I improve on that this year?

I’m delighted that a Scavenger Hunt post this year has made it into seventh place. This meme has a special place in my heart and I know my reasons for posting there are an ongoing self-set task for Sir. Generally I don’t get much traffic on these posts, and that’s fine because I just enjoy sharing for him. But it is a fantastic reminder that click bait titles are very enticing. So I hope to improve on this and will practise over the coming months. If anyone has any helpful hints on this then I’d be very grateful. Comments and Contact Form always open.

As today is the last day for the final Wicked Wednesday prompt I am going to link up there. I’ve been playing the Bingo card but can’t quite magic my way in for “Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Sky” so I can’t get a line. However, I wouldn’t be writing my top ten without the inspiration last year so I couldn’t not link up, and say farewell.


  1. It’s always wonderful to look back on what worked and what didn’t. I loved doing the top list posts, and only when I saw yours realized I haven’t even thought about doing one. So I will just indulge in clicking on your posts. Thanks for your support for Wicked Wednesday over the years, N!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I’ve seen significant changes in my “top” type posts over the past few years. Since COVID, really. But I think my audience has changed. And the type of things I write are different. Since 2016, I’ve had menopause-related posts showing up in my top 10, for instance. This year — perhaps significantly — half of my top ten are in some way related to menopause and women’s health. And while I *did* write some sexy things this year, my most-viewed stats tell me that those are NOT the things people are reading on my blog now/anymore(?), which is… Interesting.

    Which is kind of the opposite of where your readers seem to be focused (i.e., on the sexy stuff). Since there was a time past when I’d have thought you and I might have had an overlapping of readership, I find that to be a chewable morsel of food for thought.

    Congratulations on your blogging successes this year, and best wishes for 2023!

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