Fountain in Plymouth provided a seat for me to rest and expose my breasts

Fountain In Plymouth: Is It Pretty Enough?

this Fountain in Plymouth provided a seat for me to rest and expose my breasts

It seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition for SWL and I, that we will head out on a Scavenger Hunt adventure in the summer holidays. This year I’ve already taken you to the fireworks and you’ve caught me waiting for the bus. There are more to come, have no fear. SWL likes to make a list and plan for all eventualities. We were drinking our morning coffee when we were looking for options for a day out adventuring. Turning to google we discovered a couple of ideas for our day, and then discovered this beautiful fountain in Plymouth.

She knew that I had been frustrated while on my travels. I had grand ideas to furnish my hunt with my European adventure but there were just too many people about to make it safe or ethical. I kept stumbling across fountains in Paris, pretty little ones, big ornate ones, and every kind in between. But nope, even I’m not brave enough to risk exposing myself among the throngs of tourists. When we located the fountain on google maps our plan was firmed up. It was in the same big park as another idea and so we decided to drive down and explore.

We could have found another fountain in Plymouth, but this one made me smile.

Of course, being the middle of a heatwave (!) it was a special treat for the skies to cloud over. The mizzly rain that followed worked to our advantage, people were few and far between. There was a couple practising a ballroom dance routine in the bandstand, a few errant dog walkers and families in the cafe. Incidentally, if you find yourself as a Plymouth venturer in need of refreshments, I recommend the Park Pavillion cafe.

There are more locations to come from our day out. I wonder if you can guess what other places I exposed my breasts at? You might just be able to work some of them out by visiting the park’s website.

I’m not the only one on show at a fountain. In fact, I’m quite envious of Molly’s find from 2011. She is in front of the fountain at Trafalgar Square with a most spectacular view. The National Gallery and Olympic clock in the background are also exciting to see. An inspirational and incredibly bold photo.

Boob Day

Scavenger Hunt Bronze


  1. It’s so tricky isn’t it, all those beautiful locations and other people have the nerve to come and enjoy them too *laughs

    I’m so glad you got your fountain though, your smile really captures the fun.

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