Anal August And The Free Spirit

anal august for the free spirit header shows a rainbow coloured butt plug resting on my open hand.
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Well, Anal August almost passed me by! With so few days remaining I’d best get a cheeky butt-wiggle on to celebrate what could well be a new favourite “holiday”.

I consider myself a size queen, with eyes bigger than my orifice- an intermediate anal player, if you will. But sometimes I’m out of practise and need to go gentle. This makes it tricky to find the right size toy for my back door, as I’ve discovered with my previous review for the Ring Pop and many (as yet) undocumented adventures.. The team at Betty’s Toy Box have sent me another plug in exchange for a fair and honest review, and I was only too happy to oblige.

What toy found its way into my letterbox?

I received a brightly coloured, ten-function vibrating butt plug. The window in the front of the box gave me a good view of the plug inside, before I slid the package open and took the compact toy in my hands.

The Avant Free Spirit Vibrating Butt Plug from Blush Novelties took me by surprise. I’d seen on the website that it was rainbow coloured but my expectation wasn’t for such a brightly coloured toy. Especially given its price point- $29.99- and the fact my screen didn’t do the product justice. I know, I know, when it’s buried deep inside you’re not going to be able to see the colourway. But what about when someone is stood behind you. Inspecting your ass. Preparing it for what’s to come. Or perhaps just enjoying the view. Well, the anchor base really stands out when the plug is fully inserted. Also, it never hurts to have something pretty to look at when you’re cleaning up.

On the subject of cleaning up…

Made from platinum-cured silicon, the Free Spirit is non-porous, body safe and easy to clean. All you need is a soft cloth with warm soapy water or toy cleaner- perhaps a specific anal toy cleaner for extra peace of mind? What I wouldn’t recommend is to pop this one through the dishwasher. I like this toy a lot so won’t be risking a trial in SWLs. It has a waterproof rating of IPX7 meaning that it is waterproof to a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. (Audio Reputation have a really good explanation of all the IPX ratings which you might find useful.)

Using the Free Spirit for Anal August!

The Avant Free Spirit butt plug requires one AAA battery, not included with the product. Am I the only parent who has a never ending supply of these little power packs? Anyway, it was a speedy set up! A quick screw, insert and screw again. Then, with a slick of water-based lube, it was time to get stuck in.

Requires one AAA battery

It has an insertible length of 11cm, a circumference of 13cm and diameter of 4.1cm at its widest point. From its smooth pointed end to the flared base it is smooth and easy to insert. As it is a relatively short plug it gets wider quite quickly, so the initial insertion can take your breath away. After this step it is a super comfortable fit for me. And when orgasms are forced out of me with a wand it didn’t shoot out of my behind!

The length of the stem is such that the widest part sat snugly pressed against the inside of my anal sphincter. The flared base resting between my cheeks and labia. The size of the base makes me very happy! I know too many people who’ve lost decorative plugs to hungry asses! Their undesired humiliation and discomfort makes me even more aware of my desire for butt safe toys. The Free Spirit has shown itself to be a great long-term wear plug for me. Advice varies on how long you should limit plug use to. However, whatever guidance you follow you’ll be safe with this toy.

But this base had another benefit for anal August, beyond safety.

anal august image displaying the wide, flared base of the free spirit butt plug.

Not only that but it is big enough to hold onto, even with lubed up or wet fingers. This means that you can get a grip on the toy for thrusting, should you wish. (I wished. It was incredible!)

When powered up this plug has ten vibration modes. Five intensities, and five patterns. You can easily scroll through these by pressing the blush button on the battery cover. (Side note: it’s easy to start the vibrations accidentally when inserting the toy, but if you do don’t worry. Press and hold the button for three seconds and it’ll turn off.) As normal I loved the increasing intensities, but the patterns had an amazing effect. It stimulates my muscles so it feels as though I am clenching around the silicon intrusion. Not just when I’m wearing as intended, but when it’s in the grip of my hand. Or even when sandwiched in the crook of my elbow. I find this a thoroughly pleasurable side effect of the patterns in this particular anal toy.

But what about the base? Well… I mentioned that it sits between my cheeks and labia. On one testing expedition I had a few days of hair growth and was jumping in the shower to rectify things. But I didn’t get very far in that mission. The vibrations carried through the stem to the base and turned my stubble into labia stimulators. The pleasure was no longer just internal. It was melting through my entire apex via short, spiky regrowth.

Would I recommend the Free Spirit for your Anal August Adventures?

I have had a blast with the Free Spirit. It’s a comfortable toy, simple to use and easy to clean. It’s small enough to go in easily. Conversely, there’s enough gradient on the flare to give me cause to consider my life choices if I’m not relaxed. I didn’t have to wait for the battery to charge, and the vibrations were nice and strong. It wasn’t just the intensities that ‘worked’ for me, but the patterns too. And the way they travel through the rest of my body was just dreamy, especially my fuzzy undercarriage. The plug is also absolutely beautiful to look at. I’m not sure the screen does justice to just how vibrant it is, but I adore the rainbow pour. Not only is it butt safe, but it’s also a wallet friendly option that I would happily pay for if I was looking at buying a new, vibrating plug.

Have you enjoyed Anal August And The Free Spirit? Would you like to buy one of your own? The Avant Free Spirit is available from Betty’s Toy Box and costs $29.99. (Accurate at time of publishing.)

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