“Please…” I’m Begging You


That one word escapes my lips, a sentence as yet unfinished.

We’ve been working together to get me off, me under strict instruction to make myself cum while you put me through my paces with impact. The wand is still rumbling against my clit as you pause, flogger falls tickling my blazing butt cheeks.

“Please what, N?” you ask, the amusement in your voice not lost on me.

“Please….” I start, but the request is still forming.

What is probably just a moment feels like a lifetime as images flash across my mind.

Do I want your precum smeared against my lips as I try to reach you with my tongue? Or do I want my friend the flogger replaced for an evil misery stick, to soar off as harsh welts are seared into my flesh? Or do I want you to grab my hips and bury yourself deep into my ass, your cool abs creating a delicious contrast with my heated curves? Maybe I want you to turn me to face you while you wank yourself over my face, marking my smile with your thick, delicious seed? Or do I want you to push me down onto my back, wrap one hand around my throat as you fist me with the other? Maybe you rip the blindfold off as you take pleasure from my dripping pussy, let me watch the tension creep up your body as you reach your own release?

Oh god, I want all of the above, but they each take me closer. And as I open my mouth to tell you what I want my body overrides the brain. Thee words form themselves:

“Please Sir. Please may I cum”

“Yes”, you reply, before resuming your rhythmic flogging. How can you have barely missed a beat when my mind tripped down the gutter into filth?

The vibrations on my exposed ass and shoulders mingling with the rumbling at my apex. The intense full body orgasm which rips through me, emptying my lungs in a bellowed “Fuuucccckkkkk”. Are my crimson cheeks due to the tide of orgasmic pleasure? Or the flush of humiliation at swearing so loudly and uncontrollably in front of you Sir?

The marks will stay for a couple of weeks, the memories are here for a lifetime.

Sinful Sunday
Every Damn Day in June

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