Mischief Managed

mischief managed header shows a drawing of breasts with Sirs slut written on them, for a creative task.

It has been two months since I last wrote for my timeline of tales, with my recipe for friendship, but this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt is one that is close to my heart and fits nicely in with the ongoing story behind the blog. I’ve long been sharing my adventures and tasks. This week I wanted to elaborate on the latter, how my mischief is managed by Sir and what effect this has on the rest of my world.

Why would I want my “mischief managed”?

Throughout this blog I’ve shared teasers, titbits and full tales of tasks. Sir and I are in a long-term, long-distance dynamic. Our physical time together may be limited, but our relationship is strong. The foundations of trust, respect and mutual care have been built over time. This doesn’t happen automatically in any relationship, but when you’re long distance I believe this takes more hard work. For us this happens through tasks.

Tasks, or managed mischief, can be anything from a photo, a written piece of work, a video, a sexual adventure, maybe something creative (such as the image above), personal growth, health related, orgasms…. the list is endless, only limited by the two of us, and our hard boundaries.

This is the story of why I love my mischief being managed by Sir.

As we have got to know each other he has taken what he knows and crafted a series of challenges. I was asked recently what the hardest task he has set me is, and I honestly couldn’t answer. Not only does he know me, my likes and limits, he also knows what I find hard at any given time. How? Because I tell him. Either directly or indirectly. One of the first things he asked of me was to be genuine, just be myself, and through doing exactly what he requested I’ve given him the chance to see deep inside my soul.

So, early on he asked me for a picture of me in a skirt.

Would I have done it for anyone else? Absolutely not! But I wanted to do it for him so I stretched that boundary and tried, succeeded. And each time my boundaries were pushed back a little he would take the opportunity and take me to the edge of that one too. There is always chance to discuss these tasks before I accept them, and at times I’ve needed an adjustment due to limits. I believe this has only occurred a handful of times, and generally only when it impacts on my parenting, and has always been accepted. Once I have accepted the task it then becomes my responsibility to complete it.

How I complete these tasks is up to me, within the boundaries of our relationship and the tasks at hand, but I am accountable for my actions, and to him. If I don’t complete them, for whatever reason, then I may be sanctioned. I take my responsibility seriously, and love to work hard for Sir. Not through fear of the potential punishment, but because I see it as my role to please and entertain him. How will I do that if I don’t try really hard to achieve what I have agreed to do?

At this point in our story, Sir set me a task.

I won’t go into detail because not all tasks need sharing, but this one was huge. (It still is!)

I knew I wanted to achieve this, fulfill his goal. Not only was it a request from him, but it was also a lifelong dream. I had no idea where to start, not really, so I began asking around. One friend had friends in the right areas and so I reached out to him. I explained the situation, and asked if he might no anyone I could approach for advice.

His response was simple. “I think your sir might have set the bar too high on this one. I don’t think you can achieve what he’s asking.”

Now then, bear in mind what I had said at the top. Sir tasks me with things that stretch my boundaries, so I can surf along the wave at the edge of my comfort zone. My shaky self confidence, only bolstered by Sir’s belief in me, had been shattered. One tearful email sent to Sir, I continued looking for a way to achieve it. At times almost surrendering to my friend’s negativity.

The response from Sir came none too soon.

Showing me (again) what a kind and gentle, if somewhat demanding man my Dominant is. He explained that my friend didn’t know me like he did. Perhaps the friend wasn’t best placed to understand the full extent of what I’m capable of. Explaining that he only ever set tasks that he knew I was capable of, and reminding me of the evidence which backed this up.

Inside I knew he would never set me up to fail? He wanted to see me flourish, not wither away.

With his faith in me unwavering how could I doubt myself?

Well, that’s a story for another day…

Mischief Managed is the next chapter in my A Little About Me section, and the next chapter can be found here: Celebrating Life.

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  1. I often wonder what it would be like to have someone in my life who is so supremely confident in my but who also knows me so deeply that they make it a priority to encourage my growth in creative ways.

    1. Thank you May. It’s nice to reflect and write about our dynamic. I know it isn’t a style of relationship that would work for everyone but for me it’s healthy, fulfilling and educational.❤ N xx

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  3. I always enjoy reading about the tasks your Sir sets you. I’m in the second week of an arrangement with one of my clients where I’m in control of his diet, exercise and masturbation habits via instructions delivered in whatsapp messages. Coming up with rewards and punishments when he follows, or fails to follow, my instructions is a fun exercise in creativity. I’ve been inspired by some of your posts!

    1. Oh, amazing! I’m so glad to read this. I’ll share with sir too.

      For me, the reward is usually knowing that I’ve pleased him by doing my best with the task. And I’ve only been sanctioned by sir twice, though he is very creative in his methods. You’ll have to stick with me for a while yet in order to discover what happened the least time!

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