Away from home header shows a topless lady with her breasts out in a hotel corridor.

Away From Home

Away from home header shows a topless lady with her breasts out in a hotel corridor.

Last weekend was a touch hectic. I won’t bore you with the details just yet! That will likely come in stages over coming Scavenger Hunt posts and future timeline tales. For now it’s suffice to say that I ended up away from home, in a hotel.

It’s not the first time I’ve stayed in a hotel since I started Scavenging for locations, but it is the first time I’ve been traversing the halls in the early hours. Still, it was surprisingly busy! I waited for the noise in the corridor to subside, punctuated by an anti-social door closure. Bag propping the door open and key in hand, I stepped out into empty hallway.

I thought I had all the time in the world, capturing my big smile for Sir first. Then, almost as a second thought, I leisurely snapped this one. Turning I re-entered my room. The door was just shutting behind me when I heard the stairwell door open. A close call, that’s for sure!

Am I the only one making the most of being away from home?

No, I certainly am not. This week I want to share Severin’s glorious post Scavenger Hunt Hotel Whore. From 2013, this was well established in the hunt by the time I got started. It has always made me smile, and I have been itching to share it in my posts. However, I’ve been unable to get the location. So, while I’m out of order, as far as my places go, I was too excited to not spread the Severin love. While he hasn’t added to his blog for a while now, there is so much to see throughout his site and I really can’t recommend a tour of his archives enough.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Away From Home is my 88th location, shared for the Scavenger Hunt. This time last year I could be found lounging around in car park puddles, celebrating an exit and hanging round building sites. I wonder where I’ll be this time next year?


    1. I’m sure one day I will come unstuck, but it’s so much fun. And even though the original task has passed it is a great connection with Sir who gets all of the pictures first- including my smiling face. N xx

  1. I have no idea why hotel corridors are so busy when we’re hanging around waiting for a photo opportunity! Maybe lots of other people all waiting to be naughty too.

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