Spend Time Crawling: LiFE Lesson #11

Spend time crawling header shows lady on hands and knees in black lingerie at the top of the stairs.

Exploring the archives I’m surprised to see it’s been over two months since my last contribution to Lingerie Is For Everyone. In that time the meme has found a new home with Nikki at Love Is A Fetish, and this is my first link up in its new location. I know I’m not alone in saying it’s been an odd summer. For me, as the title suggests, I’ve had to spend some time crawling. The shadows have been dark at times, but do you know something? For me what goes down will (eventually) come back up. And how glorious it is to be back out in the sunshine again.

This thought prompted my sharing of the quote below for my #LiFE lesson #11.

It’s not just me that I see this working for. A wonderful friend of mine is going through a really difficult time at the moment. She sought help and I’ve watched her crawl on hands and knees through the mud. Along with other friends we’ve kept guard to ensure she has the clearest path possible, but ultimately she has had to do the work alone. And boy-oh-boy has she laboured! Now we have the joy of watching her tentative first steps out into the light again.

It’s so beautiful to see and she is such an inspiration to me.

“You need to spend time crawling alone through the shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”

Shaun Hick

The body I’m wearing is from Playful Promises. Not only do I feel devilishly delicious in it but I am also proud to be promoting their products as for each purchase we make through their website they donate to a charity of our choice. The current options are One Tree Planted, AKT and Mind, though are changed regularly.

I know I’m a couple of days early, but I wanted to get a head start! Each year, on October 10th, I join in with World Mental Health Day (WMHD). The focus of this day is to reduce stigma around mental health with a different theme each year. The conversation for 2021 is Mental Health Care for All. It has been recognised that over the course of the pandemic mental health care (and indeed all other forms of care) have struggled to maintain their provision.

The aim for WMHD 2021 is to bring this back into balance.

It’s hugely important to be open and honest about Mental health, from both a personal and professional stand point. Not am I frank about my experiences here on a leap of faith, I also have a separate space- Mindful Moments– where people can drop in to share, whether they have their own blogs or not- I am happy to accept guest posts. Perhaps selfishly I wanted a place where I could go and fill my own bucket of silver linings when I was struggling, and so far it’s mission accomplished.

Spend Time Crawling: #LiFE Lesson #11 is part of a series which I like to refer back to at times. Each Life Lesson is a reminder to myself of thoughts that have helped. I hope that even just one other person can find use in them too. Feet Or Arse: LiFE Lesson #8 is one I’ve had call to revisit recently.

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