L is for Looner header shows woman with long blonde hair in green lingerie blowing up a red balloon.

L Is For Looner

L is for Looner header shows woman with long blonde hair in green lingerie blowing up a red balloon.

Can you believe a whole month has passed since I flew into the last Sinful Sunday prompt week? This month we are back to the alphabet, specifically the letter L. I have a great friend who has a specific kink, one which has occasionally piqued my curiosity. So I decided to delve into this a little for my offering of L is for Looner!

You may remember Trautaruan, I shared his thoughts on ball gags a while back. He and I met online before my first munch, and I’ll be forever grateful for his sensible suggestions that made arriving there so much more comfortable. He and his partner embody Sirs thoughts that “if it isn’t fun, what is the point?” and so it is probably not a surprise to learn that he is the looner in my friendship circle.

So, what exactly is a Looner?

The Collins dictionary definition says a Looner is “a person who derives sexual pleasure from blowing, rubbing or popping balloons.”

When I asked Trautaruan what the kink meant to him he explained that, for him, it is almost exclusively light hearted and fun/funny. I can see the appeal! We live in such a serious world, full of darkness and pain. Why not step into a playful, silly world from time to time?

And so, that’s what I did!

Digging around in my drawers I was soon armed with a handful of deflated rubber balloons. Dressing for the occasion I set up my camera and jumped into this new world. I blew and blew and blew until the first balloon popped, stinging my face and hand as the rubber shards whipped across the room. Then I inflated the rest, one at a time, gently, carefully. Rubbing them over myself lingerie I spotted my hair moving toward the static. Stifling a giggle I stood, skewering one with my stiletto heel and watching it disintegrate. The most fun was being sat on one, bouncing gently up and down. The fear of it popping as I squashed it with my plump buttocks, the relief when I lifted, as yet unscathed.

If L is for Looner, what am I?

I don’t think that one short foray into this new (to me) kink could possibly give me the full picture. For me there was no arousal, but I can see how this could happen for me. Part of my kink is entertaining Sir. If he chose to bring balloons into a playful scene I would definitely enjoy being silly to amuse Him.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Love the colours in this. I have a fear of popping balloons and my partner hates the squeak so no looning in this house but it does seem like a fun one!

  2. This is such an interesting kink to me. Not one I had considered much until recently and meeting someone for whom balloons are HOT. Discovering it with that person has led to some revaluations of my own…. more thoughts on that another time


    1. I did get very lucky with the friends I’ve made. They have some quirky kicks between them that I may never have encountered tired else.

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