Bump in the road header image shows a lady laying between speed bumps, exposing her breasts.

Bump In The Road

Bump in the road header image shows a lady laying between speed bumps, exposing her breasts.

Like so many of us I seem to have hit a bump in the road with my writing this summer. In the wake of covid lockdowns I have been getting back to (some sort of) normal. But then summer holidays arrive and routine/normal get bonked on the head again!

Don’t get me wrong, the school holidays are great.

With a bizarre mix of a full and very noisy house, interlaced with swathes of silence, it is easy to see why I might struggle to achieve the posts I had hoped. However, slowly but surely, I’m still going. In the absence of my children it gives me a focus, a tether to the busy world I love. But the next three weeks I really have to slow down here, as there are plans afoot. Mostly with my family, but over the coming days SWL and I are off on a camping trip. We have scavenger hunting plans, so watch this space.

With the inevitable slowing down of writing here, I thought it would be a good time to share a location SWL and I captured last year. The traffic calming measures at the exit of our woodland hideaway are my 75th Scavenger Hunt location.

Three quarters of the way to my century!

Bumps in the road, or other traffic calming measures, are something I see day in and day out. Here in the south west of the UK they are commonplace! With that in mind I was surprised to see that I will have very little company in this category. But I do have some! Marie’s find- Sinful Sunday Another Scavenger Hunt– has her beautiful bottom on display between some obstacles put in place to slow the flow of cyclists crossing the bridge.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

If you’ve enjoyed Bump In The Road the give this post a try. Traditional Bank Holiday Weekend shows more mischief with SWL.


    1. Thank you Marie, I’m hunting down K but have my sights firmly set on the next leapfrog. (No, I’m definitely not competitive!) N xx

  1. It has been a rough summer for writing for so many! I know for myself the marathon had added some extra…. wear and tear to my brain, although not necessarily unwelcome, just new and challenging.
    75 is quite impressive and you’re very resourceful in your execution of each! I call that a win!

    1. Journeys into the unknown can be really tricky, can’t they? The BFM has married with a new direction from Sir and this has led to my brain melting almost entirely.

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