A ferry good idea header, woman discretely exposing her breasts on a ferry crossing.

A Ferry Good Idea

A ferry good idea header, woman discretely exposing her breasts on a ferry crossing.

What do you do when someone says “you’ll never be able to do it”? Especially when the person giving the advice is a trusted friend who you often take risks with. Do you agree, concede defeat? Or do you have faith in your risk assessment and push forward- safe in the knowledge that it is indeed a ferry good idea? (Wink) A few years ago I may have taken the former approach. However, you know me: strong, independent and bloody minded. I’m also an over-thinker when it comes to risk, and make plans around obstacles. When it comes to the scavenger hunt sometimes I can be totally brazen, other times much more discrete! My 74th Scavenger hunt location– the ferry- is a prime example of the latter!

This location definitely required discretion.

Last winter I did get the location of boat with a mediocre selfie, breasts, smile and background all on display- as per my original exhibitionism task notes. I knew I wasn’t going to share it, even before the image had saved itself into my gallery. The ferry was what I wanted but it seemed that I would forever be wanting this one. I would need help to get a good one, but ferries don’t often feature in my journeys so I decided to wait. Well, earlier this week I had a day out with Loki, and on our return journey I asked if he’d mind a detour. Detailing my plans we headed down the road towards the ferry terminal. Just catching it before they cast off on the brief journey across the Dart.

Loki, with my phone in hand, looked concerned.

Then those words of concern trickled into my ears… My response was “of course we can do this!” He was right to be nervous, there were cars, wing mirrors, pedestrians and cyclists. But what he hadn’t realised was the protection offered up by the car, my back, and the water! The test shot worked, and then he managed to get four images of my breasts. I love the reflection in the mirror, quite accidental but perfectly artistic! No sooner had I whipped out my breasts than it was time to put them away, to get back behind the wheel of the car and return to respectability- silencing his anxiety in the process. But not before his guffaws of relief, the “well done!!” which followed and a quick look at the images had made me laugh heartily.

My fellow hunter, Marie, found that she could have lots of fun on a boat. In her case, she and Master T discovered some War Ships, and made full use of them in her post. I love the sense of glamour that she always brings to the hunt, this is something I aspire to. However, I need to work on being slightly less casual for that to work!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Wicked Wednesday

I wonder if you prefer the discrete image here in A Ferry Good Idea? Or if the more brazen Loki-Scavenger-Hunt location Topless, Barefoot Stile suits your taste better. I’d love to hear what you think.


  1. Well done you. This is quite the achievement and I admire your courage and determination. A beautiful and daring photo. Missy x

  2. It is a truly brilliant image, I love everything to do with it, the location, you trying to be coy but getting all of those reflections as you did!

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