Lady exposing her breasts on a bridge for which bridge to cross or burn

A Bridge To Cross Or Burn?

Lady exposing her breasts on a bridge for which bridge to cross or burn

I could not choose which location to share this week. In the end I had to resort to the internet for inspiration in the form of quotes. The following quote, by David Russell, made me pause longer than usual. “The hardest thing in life to learn, is which bridge to cross and which to burn”. Can you guess which location I chose?

So, I had two images in mind, both from the same day of adventuring with SWL. She and I had entered a crazy running event, which took the form of a scavenger hunt. It seemed rude not to do our own hunt at the same time. Some form of kinky-vanilla multitasking… The first location I shared from this day was Livestock, you can see that one here. When we were running along the riverbank and I shouted (in my small voice) “BRIDGE” she was all too happy to take a picture for my collection.

The concept of which bridge to cross or burn is interesting.

Particularly given how this last year has been a steep learning curve for everyone. I have been enthusiastically crossing bridges since 2014, but have had to learn to burn some this year. “The first rule of casualty management is not becoming a casualty yourself” said Sir, back in the summer. The walls that I had taken sledgehammer to now needed rebuilding a little. Actually, no, that’s not true. I have put little picket fences up instead now.

But if I have been learning about burning bridges, who has needed to take a chance and cross them? Well, the example I’m using here is SWL. She didn’t cross this particular bridge with me, but she did pass over her own in order to take the picture. Unlike Loki, SWL is was a little more reserved. She really pushed her boundaries to help me capture my name out in the wild, and there have been so many experiences I have yet to share.  We have been friends for… hmmm… two and a half years? She says that she has grown more since knowing me than any other period in her life. Aside from travelling. Do you know what this reminds me of?

That growth happens when we challenge ourselves, push ourselves to cross new bridges, and burn ones that take us to places we don’t wish to visit, that don’t serve us. So what is everybody waiting for?

Go and expose yourself on a bridge! Give it a go.

If my image hasn’t inspired you to join in, maybe this one will?

The bridge post I have chosen to share alongside my own is Modesty on the Bridge. If you don’t follow her already I can’t recommend her enough. This set of images is great fun, particularly almost being busted by a runner. However, the darker side of life (and death) is touched upon when she reveals the bridges infamous reputation. Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Sinful Sunday
January Jumpstart

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  1. Yeah it is a quote that makes one think although often I think we are taught to put up with things, to keep the peace, and as a result we allow people to be part of our lives that are not really doing us any good. I think that can be especially true for women who are definitely conditioned to be ‘nice’ and the ‘peace makers’. I think setting boundaries is important and often than means burning down a bridge to do it


  2. I agree with Molly here, society tells AFAB people to be nice and put up with things that actively harm us. Burning those harmful bridges is something I’m trying really hard to work on right now.

    1. My marriage was one of these situations. Since getting out and blasting that bridge to smithereens life is so much better, and I generally have better boundaries in place now.

  3. I hope you were able to cross this bridge without burning it. This is, of course, metaphorical, I understand. But this particular bridge is made of metal and it would be extremely difficult to set it on fire:)
    And the photo turned out to be interesting and very green.

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