public exposure near a decorated house for the gift of boobs.

The Gift of Boobs

public exposure near a decorated house for the gift of boobs.

What Christmas gift can I share with the man who has given me so much? When covid keeps us apart and he has given me (us?) a rest from tasks over the festive period. Well, I thought the gift of boobs would be quite fitting.

This year I had a lot of driving to do. Delivering the boys to their dad is not a quick trip around the corner, but a 150 mile round trip. It is a nice drive, and usually I would relish stopping for dinner with my mum, or having a cuppa as I pass my brother. OK, this one requires a significant detour, and an additional 20 miles, but it is worth it. For this journey I felt it was important to add these visits into my trip. Though Christmas exhaustion had set in the moment I got back behind the wheel after a mercifully brief exchange with their dad.

Once I had made full use of my Christmas bubble allowances I was done!

Festive cheer all used up. Not cross or upset, just running on fumes. I needed something to get me through the next 60 miles, to fuel my mad dash for home, and the sofa that was calling.

I had it in my head to make mischief for Sir, to take a picture of my smile, breasts and background, as per my original task almost 3 years ago. Recalling the list of locations for the scavenger hunt, I settled on a petrol pump picture, as all the garages were closed. However, they were all also dark. There was also no real risk of being seen. Discounting this idea as I passed the fourth shady forecourt. There  being zero risk aside from CCTV. But the final garage had inspired me, a huge outdoor light display in the raised garden behind the shop.

And as the miles ticked by an idea formed. I would give the gift of boobs after all.

I took a slightly different route home, hunting for lights worthy of gifting to Sir, but everything was a little lack lustre. Until I passed a residential turning and saw a small terrace adorned with sparkling Christmas wishes. Turning at the mini roundabout I followed the street down past the houses. There was a grass bank between the road and pavement, my car out of sight. I would need to do a bit of climbing to capture this one. Never let it be said that this task of Sirs is easy.

On this particular adventure I shredded my shin on brambles which lurked beneath the long grass. The long grass which also hid the actual shape of the bank. And so, by the time I could make out my smile, boobs and background… a mischievous grin was plastered all over my face. All that was left was to capture a moment for my scavenger hunt adventures, and I would be on my way once more.

Who knew that the three men in my life could inspire such festive cheer. My two boys inspire me to make it fun and happy for them, and Sir? Well, aside from him giving me the advice/freedom/instruction to enjoy Christmas… He has given me the skills to make it fun and happy for me too. And I hope that my giving the gift of boobs shone a light on his Christmas too.

As always I wanted to share a fellow hunter in their festive glory.

On this occasion I am sharing Molly’s “T is for Tree…”. Reading through the comments her post, from 2014, paved the way for a new location: Holiday Decorations (Public). A nice reminder of a point that Bee made to me recently. That they are always happy to consider new locations for us to explore.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Bawdy Bells


  1. I think this is a spectacular location and one I keep forgetting is on the list…maybe next year when we don’t have to stay at home.

    1. There are some creative displays. I’m looking forward to seeing your festive scavenging next year

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