Levelling Up

topless lady levelling up for the scavenger hunt at a level crossing.

I have run and driven past this level crossing so many times now.

It is unbelievable that I would not even realise its potential until a run the day after an outing with SWL. It was another couple of weeks (and another mischief making adventure) before I was in the area again and I almost ran straight past it without thinking. This stretch of road is rarely busy, but on this particular evening the whole world decided to pass through on their way here, there and everywhere. And when the traffic had passed and I lifted my top? Both breasts exposed to the fresh air, camera in selfie mode and…

Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a bike, through the trees along the cycle path.

It was worth the distraction though…

…because now I have levelled up to the platinum band as this is number 30.

With my traffic shenanigans I can totally relate to Molly’s heart pounding adventures in Level With Me. That moment when you fear being seen by passing cyclists or train passengers.

If she isn’t enough for you, go and have a look at the other participants by clicking the link below:

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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