The barefoot sub is harnessing the heart

Harnessing the Power of Love

The barefoot sub is harnessing the power of love.

The power of love, some ramblings off the back of a pretty tie and a song!

I was talking to ML a few weeks back and she mentioned the heart harness for this weeks Tie Me Up Tuesday prompt. I was excited to see this as Saturday was National Love Note Day and I had an idea for a post. No prizes for guessing what I had in mind! So I sat down and wrote, my heart pouring out of my fingers as I typed. But something was wrong. I would apologise, but somethings don’t need sharing on a public forum. If I share that then it needs to be read by the intended recipient, direct and personal.

That’s for another day, perhaps.

Outside of my parenting love is a fairly new feeling for me. But how did I come to let it in?

This morning I had a reminder pop up in my phone. A photograph which took me back to a beautiful autumn evening.

It is 5 years since I sat on that beach and watched the biggest moon I have ever seen rise over the cliffs to the east. As it did M came clambering up over the ridge and surprised me with a hug. He and I were never destined to be together forever, but through our parting I started to understand love and what it means to me. I still had a couple of years before I realised that I was hopelessly in love with Sir, apparently I am a bit slow on the uptake! Others have known this for as long as I have known them. And I only had the one true friend that I knew I loved. B was a revelation and the first of my tribe. This is a phrase that B is keen on and I finally understand what she means!

It was B who showed me that it was ok to love someone and not be IN love with them.

From here on in I started to open doors and let people in. And there are so many wonderful folks in the world that I am so lucky to have met. Occasionally someone comes through the doors that it may have been better if they hadn’t, but life is about learning and through these people I have learnt boundary setting and my expectations. Most importantly though, I have learnt that I am alright. By learning to love others freely, without expectation of them, I am able to let them love me in their own special ways. And what does this mean?

It means that I can even love myself.

And I can tie pretty little chest harnesses and wear my heart on my sleeve breasts. I can let myself be beautiful and see the beauty in others. For someone who is late coming to these feelings I still find it uncomfortable to write about and say how I feel. Perhaps that is due to life events, or maybe it is just because I like to show rather than say? Whatever it may be I am no longer sleepwalking, constantly learning and growing. Sometimes it is a force from above, other times I can feel it rushin’ in, cleaning my soul. Why? How?

I don’t know…

But that’s the power of love!

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  1. Loving someone and being “in love” with someone may sometimes work hand-in-hand but are such different things. I’m glad you discovered love outside of the romantic version.

    Lovely job with the tie!

  2. the ties look brilliant Barefoot and it is certainly a good feeling to no longer be sleepwalking – I had that epiphany once – and i ain’t ever going back to a half life.
    May xx

    1. It’s so much better to live a life in full technicolour, isn’t it? Even when things don’t go exactly as we’d choose it’s still better than the alternative N xx

    1. That’s very sweet of you Marie. I think it’s just a fragile thing really, so I’d best keep it tied up for a while longer N xx

  3. Love is such a thing, isn’t it? I think I learned through my friendships that I can love people without having to be in love with them. This was a rather heartwarming post to read. And what better place than to wear your heart on your breasts? 😛
    I love that you used the pink rope inside the other one. It stands out so well like this and has the perfect width. The heart is so clearly visible

    1. I brought the wrong rope down, my extra long natural rope. So i had to double up. It was a happy accident, but I am so chuffed with it.

      I think that we learn a lot through friendships. It is a shame I had to wait until my mid thirties to start finding out about that side of things, but I am so lucky with the amazing people in my world.

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