refocus refresh restart header image shows the barefoot sub in running gear, exposing her breasts while being greeted by a cow.

Refocus Refresh Restart.

refocus refresh restart header image shows the barefoot sub in running gear, exposing her breasts while being greeted by a cow.

Every month I look at the prompt over at For The Health Of It and every month I pen something out in my mind, but only one has made it to the screen. It was about time that I set pen to paper (or finger tips to keyboard) and shared some thoughts. What does the title Refocus Refresh Restart mean though?

This months topic is about goals. I couldn’t let it pass without sharing my thoughts.

I love goals, making plans around them and working towards achieving. They help me refocus my efforts, refresh my energy and restart my adventures. I have written about this a number of times. With my children going back to school soon it seems the right time to reflect. To think about which goals need resetting, and any new ones I would like to add. And perhaps there are some that I would like to remain.

That could prove to be a very long post so I shall stick to two subjects that fit with how I look after my emotional health and wellbeing.

Firstly, my blog. helps me refocus, refresh and restart.

When lockdown began my blog was hidden. I hadn’t added to it since May 2019 and I hadn’t known where to start. But I did, and soon the words began to flow. I have long had a task to publish my own novel, and this soon came back into focus. Around this project I have set myself the challenge of earning money through my writing, and set up my Work With Me page. I love writing so much, why not try to weave it into my future with more certainty, rather than keep it as a past-time? I’m excited by this prospect, and motivated to work hard. As my children go back to school, so I have invested in an organiser, for planning and focus. It is already paying off, I am getting this post written in time!

A Leap of Faith, in it’s first incarnation, was deleted due to adult content.

I had help to restore it, but as it wasn’t fully backed up some of the original posts were missing pictures, and some links don’t work. So over the coming months I will be slowly bringing them up to speed and tidying the whole place up. As I do this I will also be adding categories. Most of the old posts will come under A Little About Me which is the reason I set the blog up in the first place:

“Tell the story of how you became the woman you are today”

I’m currently up to September 2017 and I am going to enjoy reflecting on my memories, pictures and correspondences in order to bring you all up to date.

I will participate with memes as they fit in with my story, and also when the prompts inspire me (and I’m organised enough) to write! There is one meme that I will be drip feeding to my blog. I have been having so much fun with my friends finding locations for the scavenger hunt, and so I have quite a lot to share.

What about running? Can this refocus, refresh and restart me?

At the start of lockdown I was 8 weeks away from running my first 50 mile event. I had a 50k in four weeks, and I was fit and strong. Haing the children home meant I could had to rethink my running timetable. Sadly my first few attempts left me bereft. So much potential but the youngest wasn’t ready to ride his bike like that. Or scoot like that. Or play cops’n’robbers around town for long enough.

So I had my little pity party and once I’d got rid of all the tears and sadness around not being able to run far I came up with a plan. And that led to me being able to get out for a 5k every day or two when the boys were home, meaning I could run for 10 to 20k on the weekends they were with their dad. As they return to school I am looking forward to extending my shorter runs so that it is safe to push the distance on longer runs on my free weekends.

I was really keen during lockdown not to wallow in self pity over the changes I faced.

Running is a vital tool in my self care kit so it was important to find a silver lining. There was an opportunity to look at my running form, stability and core. Also, to start the work on increasing my pace. I have no aspirations of being fast. I am certain that I don’t want that. If I am constantly pushing for faster I may lose the boosts to my wellbeing. But… I would quite like to be less slow.

And so I have started to look at ways in which that I can make that happen. The first step is a small change in my weight, the less I have to carry the faster I should be able to do it. I’m half way through this little goal, and already feel the benefit. I shall continue and will reassess, under the watchful eye of Sir. It is nice to be reminded that this is for my running only.

Aside from increasing my pace my goals are very similar to the start of the year.

The big distance goals have all been pushed back a year, and that is ok by me, I won’t have to pay for many race entries next year! I would like to maintain my favourite past time without getting injured, and without losing my love of running. Running has brought new people into my world, but I have also helped friends find a wonderful hobby.

One of these friends is SWL, who is highly corruptible and has become one of my scavenger hunt photographers. In fact she plans my public exposure with military precision. On a recent run with her we found ourselves singing “Delilah” to a field of cows. LIVESTOCK! It is one of the locations she had suggested countless times, there are a lot of sheep and ponies near us, but I wanted cattle. I love cows, they are my favourite farm animal, and I guess they are such a part of my childhood it is understandable. In a flash I had my boobs out, but she was too slow with the camera and one inquisitive young heifer photo bombed the shot.

I quickly put myself away and said hello to my new friend.

I was pleased to see that the only other open entry for Livestock also features cows. Molly’s Animal Farm. It is such a lovely picture, the light, the white knickers and those beautiful creatures. I love the way they are so utterly unphased by a half naked lady outside of their barn!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Refocus, refresh, restart. was published for my For the Health of it category. You might also enjoy Self-Care: Practise.


    1. Thank you. I’m sure you understand the need for some miles. I love races for the social aspect, it is something to look forward to as time allows but I so enjoy running alone. Love a medal though 😉

  1. I love the sensible approach you took in re-evaluating quickly and changing your goals so that you didn’t dwell on it. I would like to be more like that. It is great that you are having so much fun with your photography too. I love your cheeky picture too 🙂

    1. I used to struggle with things not going ro plan. One of the many important vanilla life skills I have developed through Sir and my submission. 😊 I have discovered that it’s ok if things go wrong and have to change, as long as i try hard. That has given me confidence to have fun along the way, and leads to so many smiles with wonderful people. And animals too, apparently!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve managed to adjust your goals and work on things in this strange world. And I’m so happy the Scavenger Hunt has played its part in that.

    I have yet to manage to coax some cows close enough which being on the other side of a fence, I love them but I’m so intimidated by them!

    1. The scavenger hunt has helped on so many levels, I recommend it for any aspiring exhibitionists mental health. 😉

      Apparently, with this field of cows, all that is needed to attract them is to expose yourself.

  3. I like how very organized you are, and how focused you are on your goal, even when you have to readjust them. I hope you can get to run some more as the schools start again. I just want to add: it’s always a joy to come to your blog 🙂
    Love the image. It really put a smile on my face.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I live that i come across as organised. There is a strong undercurrent of chaos in my home, but I try to keep that under control. Sir has taught me so much about the bigger picture.

      I’m so glad that you enjoy my little corner of the Internet. N xx

  4. What a lovely post and I am so pleased you gave linked up to For the Health of it. I am envious of your ability to run and hope you can get back to where you were before lockdown.

    1. I think its more bloody kindedness than ability, but i manage to keep at it. I’ll be back on long runs before too long, I can hardly wait.

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