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It’s almost two and a half years since Sir first set me the task of taking mischievous pictures in public.

  • One day.
  • Five different locations: breasts, smile and background.
  • Somewhere I was at risk of being seen, but ensuring I’m not.

That first day there was one place that I wanted to share with him, but I just couldn’t work out how to do that.

Not on my own, in such a busy place. Capturing all 3 points of interest.

As the months passed I was inspired by fellow exhibitionists, for different locations, and soon started joining in with them. Sharing images for the Scavenger Hunt as often a I could. I have had so much fun scouting locations and capturing images.

That much coveted trophy location proved to be a source of brow furrowing.

A couple of months ago SWL sent me a picture of the end of an aisle in her local supermarket. It was full of wine, but not just any wine.

Barefoot wine.

I saved it up, in my memory bank and wondered if that would be a fun way to finally bag the most prized location in my plans. Knowing that I would be paying SWL a visit last weekend, and having been a bad influence on her for the last couple of years I thought I’d ask if she would be photographer to help me capture my most prized location.

“Errr… We can try but…”

But that is not the end of the story…

As you may know the new Scavenger hunt pages are up and running, and while I was browsing the locations I stumbled across one that caught my eye. Molly had found her name in the wild. Joining the dots I knew that the wine was likely to be the only way  to  find my name in the wild. Which means…

I still have to get the picture I’ve been chasing for 28 months!

Ah well, it’s good to have goals.


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    1. It’s exciting to see it back up and running again. I look forward to your additions too

    1. There have been some near misses! It’s a silly, silly game to play and i still get the same buzz I did at the very start. X

    1. Woohoo! Another person willing to get silly with me in public… when can you come? I’ll pop you in the diary 😉

  1. I saw some Barefoot wine after I saw this post and it really made me smile. I’ll forever think of you when I see it. Or of course drink it 🙂

  2. Brilliant! I was soooo lucky to find that bench. I visited it again the other day actually and it always makes me smile


    1. Thank you for the inspiration.

      One of the best things about the scavenger hunt is turning local places of interest into moderately deviant haunts, and having something extra to smile about when I pass by.

    1. It’s definitely a challenge, but easier with help. When I get my actual supermarket picture I think I will ask for her help again 🙃

    1. Start small, in 28 months you’ll be queueing up in the supermarket for mischief 😉

    1. Thank you DS. I like to stretch myself out of my comfort zone, and this did just that!

    1. It definitely adds a certain…something. The grin on my face in the full photo though, it says it all. N x

  3. You still have to get the picture after 28 months?! You are certainly not one to give up then! Can’t wait to see it (if you share it with us) once you do manage to capture it. The picture you did share here though, wow. That’s a great one! I love how we get the view inside, which you would have to take from this very specific angle to capture. I would have been terrified taking this!

    1. I want to get the picture, it is a personal project. The fear, the rush, the image.

      And now I have a friend to take snaps, and she gets as much of a rush from them as I do. But without having to get her breasts out. Sharing my exhibitionism with her has strengthened our friendship. 😊

    1. Sir (who got the version with my cheeky grin) suggested I appeared to be squirreling it away down my top. This is possibly my favourite location to date. I’ve had some cracking views, but the risk, and braver required for both myself and SWL was huge!

      Lots more to come from the pair of us though!

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