Lights Go Down

Lights Go Down header image is a Picture of a vintage projector courtesy of Jeremy Yap on Unsplash for Notorious

In response to the Erotic Poetry Challenge I’ve let my brain run free. A fantasy scenario of what might happen to a needy slut after the lights go down.

The lights go down as the sound goes up.

And the opening credits roll.

Sitting. Waiting. In the dark.

I know where to sit.

What row. Which chair.

Shallow breath, racing heart.

Faces flash bright

on the screen ahead.

Focussing hard on the plot

Feeling your weight.

on the neighbouring seat.

Look at you I must not.

Touch electric.

Traces up my thigh

Stealthy fingers stroke my cleft

Plunder. Stretching

Moan. Cresting

You stop! I’m brazenly bereft.

Removal of touch.

Where…? Why…?

Pressing. Damp digit parting lips.

Holding my hair,

pulling me down.

Teeth unfasten straining clips.

Dialogue fades.

Focus shifts.

Unlit, timidity reduced to dust

Toil. Grunting.

Effort. Freeing.

Released. Your turgid Phallus.

Characters blur.

My feast begins.

Urgency out-witting patience.

Jets burst forth

My tongue delights

The taste of my favourite deviant.

Balance restored

You’re up and gone

I’m swallowed once more by the dark.

Memory fresh As I sit

With your taste on my lips

Shallow breath, racing heart.

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Lights Go Down was originally published on A Leap of Faith.


    1. It’s my first attempt at poetry in….many, many years. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Who was ‘Picked up speed’ by? I’ll have to search it up. X

    1. It’s been so long since I’ve tried to write any poetry. It was a pleasure to discover your meme and also to find a way to join in. Thank you so much for this.

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