Caught in the lens

Woman in a vest top wearing a teal rope chest harness and black rope wraps around her thighs. Her long brown hair has fallen in front of her face as she concentrates on tying herself up. Fully relaxed her overweight belly rolls are quite pronounced as she is caught on camera.

Caught on camera, mid tie…

November 2017 saw me at the start of my weight loss. I had also just learnt about an app called whistlecam, recommended by my rope hero and friend to take difficult shots when I am otherwise occupied. Perfect!

Or not… What I hadn’t realised was that my text tone would set the shutter off at my least photogenic moment. I quickly averted my eyes, disgusted at my body and how I had let myself become. Focusing instead on the flying woman in the next (planned) photo.

Moving on to November 2018 I was reminded (by google photos) that I had this picture. It was a strong reminder of how much I had/have changed. Oddly, though I see the rolls what I notice more is my confident hands. I know what came next and I don’t know many people who can suspend themselves quickly, safely and securely.

18 months later the prompt for May’s Sinful Sunday is An Outtake Picture. I’m so proud to share this picture.

Rope doesn’t discriminate on size. Go and get yourself caught.

Sinful Sunday
Caught in the lens was first published on A Leap of Faith


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  1. I love that you do self-suspension. That said, sometimes we need photos like these to remind us how far we have come. You are right to be proud of yourself!

    Rebel xox

    1. I’m not so confident suspending others, but I am happy to make myself fly. And those rope kisses are bliss! xx

  2. It is that distance that changes our very critical self perception… this is a great image, capturing as you say, competent, confident hands and the promise of suspension in those carabiners. Rope is one of those timeless things that can be appreciated on every body type because the image is evocative as much as catering to a mainstream aesthetic… Fabulous picture. x

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Alethea, I hadn’t thought about the impact of distance on our self criticism but it makes so much sense. I’m pleased you enjoyed my image x

    1. Thank you K, you never fail to make me blush.

      As a rope slut I am with you, rope is sexy and enticing. x x

  3. Oh I have done that, taken a picture at a terrible moment that shows me something about my body that I hate. It is such an unnerving thing. I am glad you have come to a place where this image now represents something you are really proud of.


    1. I’m glad I didn’t delete it when it was first taken. Being able to look at this picture again has allowed me that space to feel proud. I’m glad to have this space to share and build my confidence.

  4. I love this ‘in action’ shot of you and I also feel you look so confident and engrossed in what you are doing. My tummy is very similar just now, if not more so and I relate to seeing just that in an image, I’m inspired by your journey and that positive change is possible, I hope to see the same in myself a year from now…

    1. Positive change is definitely possible. My positive physical changes have been secondary to the steps I have taken to achieve mental health and wellbeing. Rope gave me a way to build self worth at a time when I had nothing else. I am grateful that I was able to find self ties when I did, and I’m glad I look confident and focussed. I look forward to seeing your progress too. xx

  5. Isn’t it awful how we treat ourselves, how we’re disgusted by what others find beautiful.

    I do like this shot though, the way you’re so focused on what you’re doing.

    1. It is definitely a learning curve, believing in other people’s taste. It takes time and patience to really learn to love ourselves. I think I am getting there, the occasional blip occasionally.

    1. It is something that brings me a lot of pleasure. I am looking forward to sharing a bit about my rope journey.

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