Not everything is as it seems…

A pair of black heels on the feet of a naked seated lady, heels drawn up to her bottom. The camera view shows between her legs, and her pussy has something pink on it. It looks like a rose, but is not as it seems. It is a pair of shocking pink panties peeking out from between her labia.

Look Closer.

Sinful Sunday


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    1. Your comment makes me feel all sparkly.

      I sometimes have to remind myself that the pictures I share are actually me. x x

    1. I hope it didn’t take your breath too much, I’d like to chat with you properly at next year’s eroticon.

    2. I hope it’s not taken your breath too much, I’m looking forward to chatting properly at eroticon next year.

    1. Something I’ve enjoyed in play, a lot. But trying to stuff myself during a shoot was an experience unlike any other ? xxx

  1. It was so lovely to meet you at Eroticon. I hope we get to talk more again in the future and that you enjoyed the whole thing

    As for this image…… it is absolutely stunning


    1. The whole Weekend was a wonderful whirlwind. Vanilla world deadlines are preventing full digestion just yet though. You all put on such an incredible event. I’m not going anywhere, aside from eroticon next year, so I look forward to talking again.


    1. It came out better than either of us had imagined. I like the way that the shoes are the bit in focus and the backdrop is almost an aside.

  2. How could one not look closer!? Beautifully done and I love the artistic way you captured the photo. Sexy and sensual.

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