Despite the forecast live like it’s spring.

Photo credit to Urbstract Photography.

Today the sun was shining and my thoughts turned to spring.

The sun was shining and the sea looked so inviting as I ran along beside it. The cheeky wind reminding me that although spring is technically here, it is still in its infancy. Patience is required,though the daffodils and celendines danced in the gusting sea breeze.

The above photo was taken last may, when the sun shone and I walked naked beside the river.

A very public show of myself, and the first time I had braved naked nature with another person. The weather was perfect, I’m looking forward to feeling the warm breeze on my naked flesh again. I wonder what images I can create this spring? What words can be laced together with those images.

How different I am: physically and emotionally, as well as creatively.

Sinful Sunday



    1. When he first sent it through I wondered why he’d liked it. Looking back now I understand. X

    1. Those greens are so beautiful, I’m seeing glimpses of it now but can’t wait until they are in full flow.

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