A map, it is said, organises wonder.

It’s Friday and I’ve just arrived in London for eroticon. Rather than get myself removed form the capital before the fun starts I thought I’d share an image from closer to home. I found myself perfectly attired to take advantage of a public map for the scavenger hunton a very public footpath… What’s a girl to do?

Happy Boobday!!

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  1. I love this picture. Your smile looks so sneaky! LOL! It has been a week and I am finally catching up on things. So glad we got to meet last weekend. Whirlwind as it was – it was amazing!

    1. A conspiratorial grin. ? You’re catching up? You’re good!! I’m trying to write a “ten things” post, write a to do list, implement changes: processing is slow… But you’re right, it was an amazing weekend.
      I’m glad you’re home safely, it was my absolute pleasure to get to know you. X

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