Endurance is patience concentrated. #boobday

Endurance running is along time goal for me.

Last Saturday saw me completing my longest ever distance run, and for the first time ever it was a test of my endurance. I’ve completed a number of road half marathons in the past along with a few trail ten milers, but this “half” was different. At 16 miles long I had been warned that the first 8 were hard and the second 8 were painful, but I’m used to running on dartmoor so felt I’d manage the challenge!

This wasn’t just a fun event fo me though.

Oh no! Back in July I had been tasked with completing a marathon by the end of February. So I signed up to this jolly jaunt with the thought that if I didn’t complete it I would run a road marathon at the end of February. If, IF, I actually managed it I would sign up for the trail equivalent 9 weeks later.

SO… You see the medal??

Guess which option I’m now signed up for! That’s my next true test of endurance.

It’s a good job I’m a masochist!!

Come and see what everyone else is up to for #Boobday

boob day meme

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    1. Haha, that would be amazing! Sadly the mandatory kit list may see me disqualified for running naked. ? Xxx

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