You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

A cup of tea and an invitation can change the world…

My first weekend without my boys since I had upped sticks and moved down country, and I was faced with an empty home and an empty heart.

Something had to change. At that exact moment I didn’t know what, but something, anything, had to happen to lift me out of this funk.

I was sitting on the third step, drinking a cup of tea and wondering what my life had come to when my phone dinged.

It was slave Lytton and he had an interesting suggestion. MsD wanted to go to a local event and had summoned him for chauffeur duties. Given that I was local now he wondered if I was child free, and if I would like to meet him up there? THIS is another of those moments where my life path forked and I chose to push myself towards interesting times. Draining my mug I set about choosing an outfit (not difficult as I had such a small wardrobe at the time) before wrapping myself up in a thick woolly jumper, hat and scarf and heading out of the door. The venue was somewhere I had been the previous summer, and had an odd experience.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

A quick message to another friend, MT, and I had someone to walk in with. As it turned out, entering as a “couple” reduced the cost significantly which was a bonus! I quickly changed into my shorts and corset style top before stuffing my snuggly clothes in a little locker and joining the growing crowd in the bar area. Finding SL and MsD, she instantly instructed him to get on his knees so that I could have his seat. More people I had met the previous year started to arrive, and brought cakes for another Mistress’s birthday; her sissy maid served them around to the crowd. I’d not met him before, but found him to be charming graciously accepted the cake he proffered.

So many new experiences already, and the night had only just begun…

As people started to make their way to different play spaces I drifted upstairs with MT, SL and MsD. I struggled to climb the stairs in my heels and was soon sat down with MT watching as SL was ordered to strip and lay over the spanking bench. While he did this MsD spread her tools out on top of the cage beside her, looked over at me and said “you’re turn next” as she locked eyes. I was taken back to the previous summer at my first fetish night. 

How could I refuse an offer (haha) like that?

Enjoying the scene which unfolded before me, I grew moist in anticipation. MT and I chatted quietly as we watched, catching up on news and life in general. Soon she was done with SL, sending him to fetch a drink while she sat and regrouped. It is a hard job being a Domme! Refreshed from the rest and drink, she bundled SL into the cage, still naked, and was soon beckoning me over, instructing me to bare myself for her pleasure. As I lay there, exposed and being beaten, I would cast my eyes over to the resting form of SL, who was watching intently from inside his cage. Working through her toys, she sent me off into my own little bubble. My happy place.

Who could possibly have known I would find this place again?

Helping me to my feet she thanked me for allowing her to use her toys on me, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who had enjoyed myself! She walked me to the waiting arms of MT, a fellow sub who knew exactly what I needed as I floated back down to earth. As I became more aware of the world around me MsD came and sat next to me with SL at her feet she kicked off her shoes and he proceeded to worship her delicate feet. Before slipping into her own blissful space she suggested that I may enjoy a foot rub too. “Every woman deserves to be pampered, Domme or sub” and MT echoed this sentiment so I gave in and he slipped to sit on the floor and rubbed my feet too.

I have to admit, it was a lovely way to gently land from sub-space.

After the heartache of M and the turmoil of a big move, for both me and my children, this was a huge sign that I had been making the right decisions. Being welcomed with open arms (and  toy bags) by the local fetish community was wonderful.

I could do it… I was doing it!

And as I bundled myself back into my warm outdoors clothing, in the early hours of that sunday morning, I felt another brick fall from those protective walls I had built up.

A few days after the event… 

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life was first published on A Leap Of Faith.


When you’re hitting a wall focus on one brick

Brick wall
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F4TFriday #70 – Brick Walls and Inspirations

I am sad to say I have been neglecting my blog. There are all sorts of reasons, but mainly it comes down to my needing to focus elsewhere. Now though, life has become manageable once more. The state of arousal that I have been in since early august has reduced significantly and I can now get back into my routines. f4tfriday is a meme I have been following for some time now, and as I set out my intention to get back into the swing of things I found this weeks post, and decided that this would help remind me what I am doing here.

Hopefully it will give you all a little insight into my thoughts too.

Where do the ideas for your content come from? 

My main plan for A Leap Of Faith was to share the story of how I became the woman I am today. This hasn’t changed at all, and this week will see a return to the story. I also really enjoy the memes and try to participate in Sinful sundayTMI Tuesday, The Scavenger Hunt and #Boobday even when the words are failing me.

How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires what you post?

For my story I am inspired by events that have happened in my life. I often have correspondence of one form or another to look back on, smile and share. Pictures stored on my battered old laptop are a wonderful reminder too. I’m also inspired by the work of so many of my fellow bloggers. The artistry in others photos puts my selfies to shame, and I am being forced (ok, not quite forced, but you know what I mean) to up my game and get more creative, or mischievous. 

How do you decide  what to share, and why?

I can’t tell my story without including most of the gory details… but I will generally only share what is relevant, or if something that has happened o me may be of use to someone else to read. Not just the bad things that have happened in my life, but the accidents and taboos which may not be discussed openly. I was tasked to write by Sir, and now that he is away again I mainly write for me. But knowing that I have helped others with certain tricky situations makes sharing the gritty stuff worthwhile. If I am sharing about a person directly I will make sure they are anonymous, aside from initials. If I am allowed to link to their kinky social media then I know they enjoy the exposure. I have even shared a writing posted by a friend of mine on Fetlife. I find the #SOSS idea to be wonderful too. Not only does it add meaning to my wanderings through the reader, but it gives something back to the sex blogging community which I have found to be so welcoming and inclusive. I also get immense pleasure from sharing the monthly elust publication. I have been submitting my writing for a number of months now, but this month I was delighted to have my image chosen for the header.

I hope this has given you a little insight into my world. It has certainly been a great way to reflect on why I share and how I am inspired. I’m looking forward to the next phase of writing… Changes are afoot!


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When you’re hitting a brick wall focus on one brick was first published on A Leap Of Faith.

elust 111

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Welcome to Elust 111

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Wind Tor for #Boobday


I can’t control the wind, but I can adjust the sail.

On a recent trip to Dartmoor with my friend we visited the aptly named Wind Tor. He had tied a simple chest harness before we left the house, and had great fun fighting the strong winds on Dartmoor.

Looking back at the pictures now, a month on, I am reminded that I can withstand the storm.

I apologise for the lack of posts recently; chaos does not reflect the challenges I have faced over the last 2 months. As things settle down again I will be back to sharing my story once more. Adjusting the sails while I travel through the fog has been scary… many thanks to the man who has shown me I will always find a way.

But for now, Every Friday is Boobday from the top of Wind Tor.

 boob day meme

Wind Tor for #Boobday was first published on A Leap Of Faith

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