Sinfully cross

Sinfully Cross

The barefoot sub exposing hersefl at a medieval cross for the post sinfully cross

Exploring the moor with friends is so much fun. Even when I am sinfully cross! OK, I wasn’t cross, just chilly after a spot of naked bondage in the seclusion of a wooded valley.

Exposing myself at a medieval cross brought a smile to my face.

And the face of my friend Loki. This certainly wasn’t the first time he roared with laughter at our shared sense of humour. However, this was the first of many adventures in the wilds for the pair of us… Who knew??? I guess you’ll just have to keep exploring the blog to find out where our shared sense of mischief has taken us (so far!)

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Sinful Sunday

It would be sinful not to mention The Scavenger Hunt as I tick another location (The giant cross) off of the location list.

Scavenger hunt silver

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    1. I’m not one for history and museums. But dartmoor is the best museum ever! And I enjoy celebrating the past with a mischievous grin; it is the way forward!

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