Lapping it up for a #sinfulsunday


Caught lapping up my ice cream on a family day out.

As I’ve mentioned before if I were an ice cream I would be Lemon Meringue. To all intents and purposes it looks vanilla, but wrapped up inside is a beautiful collection of different layers and textures. As Nijntje rightly points out there is nothing wrong with vanilla, but I do like to feel the mischief bubbling away inside while I am attending vanilla settings with family and friends. Lapping away at my lemon meringue ice cream brought certain thoughts to mind while the boys and I watched the floats, majorettes and marching bands travel past.

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Sinful Sunday


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  1. When I was coming up the word on the street was that the best fellatio was that which mimicked the tongue swirls of an ice cream. I’m not sure I agree but I still think of it with every cone.

  2. Suggestive indeed. It’s certainly not suggesting lemon meringue icecream, in the fetid swamp I call my mind.

    But it’s a lovely summer photo!

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