Trig point on Rippon tor

The best view comes after the hardest climb.


I stumbled across a phenomenom called Tor Bagging while looking up information on Dartmoor. It set me thinking about putting my own twist on it and so, while out for a run earlier in the week, I decided rather grandly that “Tits Out Tor Bagging” needs to be a thing.

So here is my first tor bagged, for my first entry to the Scavenger Hunt and my first time joining in with Boobday


    1. Thank you, the moor brings out smiles, even on days when I didn’t realise I had any.

      I got off to a flying start, bagging 4 and 2 points of interest. Only 457 to go ?


  1. I guess this explains why I can’t comment through reader! LoL Glad you got it sorted out! 😀 The picture is quite something!

    1. I have been adding to the collection… More to follow as I rejig my page a little.

    1. Thank you for the welcome. It’s taken since February to start sharing, but there will be plenty more inappropriate exposure from me ?

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