Time to… #SOSS

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This week has been a bit hectic, but I have found the time to relax with some of these great writings. I really love the diversity of kinky bloggers and their posts.

When this popped into my reader from The Social Butterfly I knew it would have to go in this weeks finds. Among all of the kinky posts written by the sex blogging community it is nice to be reminded that we are all just people, trying to do our best in an unforgiving world.

A second reminder that kink and vanilla worlds collide comes from Ninjte and Bear. I really enjoy Ninjte’s writings because she has such a strong head on her shoulders and lays the battle out for all to see. This post is worth a read for any strong-willed submissive who struggles with letting go of certain duties in their life, a great lesson for many of us I think.

Spanksalot posted an interesting article on the strap vs the cane. I love both, with a preference to straps so found it fascinating to read a disciplinarians view on both implements. Plus…the photographs… Pretty!!

And In10se has some amazing writing. A couple caught my eye this week, but A sticky situation really hit the spot for me.

I love photographs of unsuspecting models and this image posted by Nookyeverafter for #sinfulsunday ticks a lot of boxes for me.


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